Our Best Sellers! 

Married couples. 

The bears and the rabbits measure about 28 cm in height. They cost 17 euros each, 30 euros for the couple. 

The mice measure about 15 cm in height. they cost 12 euros each, 20 euros for the couple. 

Hand Puppets. Each one costs 7 euros. 

Dressed Mice. 

They measure about 15 cm in height. 

Each one costs 12 euros. 

Sacs à Chagrin. 

When a child has a problem, he can tell the mouse, who will eat the problem! 

Each bag and mouse costs 10 euros. 

Topsy Turvy Doll. Three characters in one! 

Little red Riding Hood, the grandmother and the wolf! 

The doll measures about 32cm in height and costs 30 euros. 

Special Occasions 

People and Animals