I manage a knitting group once a week with voluntary knitters. Together, we create handmade items which are sold to create funds to finance projects managed by NGOs. Our main targets are education, training, environmental projects against climate warming, access to drinking water for populations in arid areas, clearing anti-personnel mines plus lots of other projects. 

In january 2008, I decided to create a charity based on knitted items and handmade items in general.   

This charity is called 'le sens du partage', (the sense of sharing) because we share great times together creating things. 

I hope you enjoy looking through the pages of this site as much as I enjoyed knitting the items for sale!!    


Enjoy your visit!                                                    Linda 

Everything on this site is handmade and is for sale. All the proceeds go to the charity le Sens du Partage. Payment is to be made directly to the charity. Our prices are low because our aim is to raise funds, not to stock items. Some of the items on show here are available, others are already sold but can be knitted again quickly. 

Please contact me for details and information about items you would like to buy. 

The sale of our creations generates funds which are used to finance humanitarian actions which enable people to lead their lives without assistantship. These actions are both in France and in developping countries. 

Click on the charity's logo to get more information. 

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I love knitting! I knit while watching TV, while reading, with friends or alone, in the car or on the train...

This site is accessible in English and in French. Click  on the flag according to your chosen language! 

I am English, so you can contact me in English or in French!!